Thanksgiving Services 2018

Wednesday PM Thanksgiving Day Eve

How to rejoice in time of tribulation
1. A prophet and nation in distress
2. Failing of resources for this life
3. Yet, a rejoicing in the Lord
Psalter 378:1-3
Habakkuk 3:1-19 (17-19)
Psalter 202:1-3
Psalter 381:1-4
Psalter 420:1-2

Thursday AM Thanksgiving Day Service

An altar of gratitude
1. Noah first built an altar unto the Lord
2. God pays attention to the sacrifices
3. The merciful faithfulness of God
Psalter 427:1-2
Genesis 8:13-22 (20-22)
Psalter 284:1-5
Psalter 175:1-4
Psalter 206:1-5

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