Announcements for January 19.

  • M.C. Schreur, from Hervormde Gemeente of Harskamp, the Netherlands, hopes to serve us with preaching for two Sundays in February. He reminded me in an email that he paid a visit to Rev. C. van den Berg and his family in 1997, when the van den Bergs were in the USA preparing to move to China. If my memory is correct, he was himself living in China at that time. He served in China many years before returning to be a pastor in the Netherlands. His daughter, Gerjane, may travel with him.
  • The mission collection this month is for the Prison Book Ministry. This fund pays for the purchase of theological books for men in prison.  These books are purchased and shipped from ReformationHeritage B  Please speak with Chris Engelsma if you have additional questions.
  • Please remember in prayer those who cannot join with us in public worship today, especially those experiencing the weakness of old age.

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