Announcements for Sunday, December 20.

  • Mr. Cornelius Boerkoel passed away last Friday. Please remember in prayer and with sympathy, Mrs. Jo Boerkoel with her children and grandchildren.
  • Christian education classes will be held today. There will be no classes next week. We will resume classes on January 3. We would like to prepare for the resumption of our snack time before classes on January 3 in the event that Covid-19 cases in our area do recede.
  • The mission collection for December is for TimotheosUSA. The organization‚Äôs mission is to bring knowledge through training, education, and assistance to (orphan) children and students in Malawi, Africa with the aim of personal development and community connection where they live. TimotheosUSA has recently transitioned the management of their program to Gerrit Ommen of Springford, ON, Canada. He is in Malawi as an employee of Timotheos Canada.
  • The collections for the building fund on Christmas Day and New Years Eve will be used specificly to make facility improvements for safety. Certain improvements have been recommended by our safety committee and these funds will be used to defray these costs.
  • The consistory has received the membership transfer of Mr. Dan Rozeboom. Please receive him into your prayers and fellowship.
  • Dear Church Family, This last year has been hard for all of us. It is our prayer that the Lord in his grace¬† will help you in trials and sorrow. May the Lord for Christ sake grant rich blessings through his Word during the Christmas season and in the new year 2021. It is our hope that the Lord will soon give an open door for pastor Pronk and his wife to come over and serve the congregation under the blessing of the Lord. We remember how many blessings the Lord provided while serving in your midst and we do miss our church family. Thank you so much for the cards with love and good words that we have received.

With love,

Pastor VandenBerg Family

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