Announcements for Sunday December 29, 2019.

  • There will not be Christian education classes today. Classes resume next week.
  • Dear church family, sincere appreciation for the cards and tokens of love shown  at this special advent season but also for the many tokens of love expressed throughout the year. “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.” Gary Kwekel
  • The pastoral call to Rev. J. Pronk was approved by the Great Lakes City Classis officials last Thursday. The pastoral call letter was sent to Pastor Pronk on Thursday via email.
  • Please pray for traveling mercies for those who are traveling in these weeks.
  • Please be aware that once we begin our worship services, we lock all the entrance doors to the building. There is a ‘door bell’ on the door frame of the lower front door off of Coit Ave. A bell does not ring, but a light flashes on the sound board and notifies the sound attendant that someone is at the door. Please be patient as the sound attendant may also be involved in something before they can come to the door. There is also a camera at the door but when it’s dark you will need to stand close to the door to be seen.

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