Announcements for Sunday, January 31.

  • Baptism will be held next Sunday morning, for:

Lucy Grace, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Kersten

  • We are resuming regular nursery care during the worship services today. Please contact Walter Rozeboom if you would like to be a nursery worker if you have not yet contacted him. Do not participate in the nursery with your children or as a worker if you have any symptom of illness.
  • Thank you very much for all the cards and pictures!! It has been a great surprise and encouragement in our waiting room. Please know you are often in our thoughts and prayers. When we look at all your faces we taste love and warmth. We pray that the Lord will bring us together speedily. May the Lord richly bless you all.

With love, Pastor Pronk, Anna, Jotam and Matthias

  • Pastor Pronk contacted the consistory last week and informed us that his appointment for February 10 has been canceled. It appears that the new administration has kept the travel ban in place. The consistory is seeking to understand what our options are with the rules of the new administration. Please multiply your prayers for an opening for Pastor Pronk to come and labor among us.

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