Announcements for Sunday, June 7.

  • The annual congregational meeting is scheduled for Monday evening, June 29 at 7:30 pm. A financial report will be provided, the election of office bearers will be held, and changes to the CEF will be discussed. The elder whose term expires is Don Vander Boon.

Those nominated for Elder are:

Mark Hoffmann and Don Vander Boon.

The deacon whose term expires in Ron Hoogmoed.

Those nominated for deacon are:

John Boerkoel and David Meeuwse.

  • The offerings for May 2020 are as follows:

General $20,269.70

Benevolent $     337.11

CEF $  1,484.75

Building $  1,838.03

PRTS $  3,242.00

  • Thank you to all the ladies in the church for organizing such a wonderful bridal shower! The meal was delicious and so beautifully presented. Caleb and I are very excited to use the gifts you gave us in our future home. It was so thoughtful to receive the handwritten recipes and ingredients from everyone. I am looking forward to trying out those recipes on Caleb once we are married. Thank you again for all your love and generosity.Caleb & Katrina.
  • Please continue to follow the guidelines provided so that we can continue to meet together safely in public worship.

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