Announcements for Sunday, March 3.

  • Please pray for Mrs. Gayle Dykema as she recovers from a broken elbow.
  • The collections for February 2019 are as follows:

General $11,034.50

Benevolent $     880.00

CEF $  1,872.00

Building $  2,153.00

Mission – COAH $  2,386.00

Family Camp $     817.00

  • There is a presentation by Jonathon VanMaren that is planned for Friday, March 8 at 7:30 pm at the Plymouth Christian High School gym. The presentation is entitled ‘Dealing With Concerns in Our Society Today’ and will address the scourge of pornography that has engulfed our society. Parents, young adults, and young people are encouraged to attend. If you do attend, please bring something to help with the refreshments afterward.
  • The collection box and sign-ups sheet, for church bridal shower, will be available through next Sunday, March 10.

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