Announcements for Sunday, March 4.

  • The consistory has approved William Heikoop to make confession of faith. He has followed a course of study and has expressed a desire to make confession of faith in this church. If there are lawful objections, please bring the objection to the attention of the consistory. The confession of faith service will be held during the evening on April 1, the Lord willing.
  • The Foundation Brass Band and Accord Singers will hold a concert at 7:00 pm on Saturday, March 17 at Providence Reformed Church. A collection will be taken during the concert for the John Knox Christian School in Nigeria.
  • The collections for February 2018 are as follows:

General $10,195.00
CEF $  1,386.00
Building $  2,237.00
Benevolent $     332.00
Family Camp $     977.00
Timotheos USA $  1,604.00

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