Announcements for Sunday, November 10.

  • Please continue to pray for Pastor C. van den Berg and his family. The doctors now say that there are no more medical options to treat his cancer.
  • Please pray for Rev. J.TH. Pronk and his wife as they travel on Thursday to serve us for two Sundays. He writes, we live in Sirjansland, a village in Zeeland, in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. We serve the local Hervormde congregation. Around 300 people attend the Sunday services. Before answering God’s call to become a pastor I worked at the Royal Dutch Navy as officer, worked as mate on merchant vessels and had various jobs as manager in the ICT business.
  • Note: Changed to the monthly schedule. Titus 2 Womens Group is planned for November 20 and the Lay Preaching Class is scheduled for November 21.

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