Announcements for Sunday, November 4.

  • Some dates for your calendar:

December 15: Christmas program and potluck afterwards. 5 pm.

December 21: Nine Lessons and Carols. Hosted in our building.

December 22: Singing at Hope Network Homes. 4 pm.

February 8: Pastor’s potluck and COAH presentation. 6 pm.

  • The special collection on Thanksgiving Day will be for the building fund and will be designated for the parsonage. It has become clear to the consistory that in order to sell the parsonage we will need to discount the price or update some things in our current parsonage. As a result we expect the financial difference between our current parsonage and a future parsonage will be more like $70,000.00 rather than the $50,000.00 we expected. The listing has almost expired and we’ll wait to re-list until spring, the Lord willing.

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