Announcements for Sunday, October 6.

  • Please pray for Rev. C. van den Berg who continues to suffer from progressing cancer. They are continuing to treat him with radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Reminder – Reserve your dinner seat for the Hudson Taylor Ministries Dinner at
  • Now available in the foyeris the booklet “Musings of the Heart” which is the collection of spiritual poems written by Jack Swets. Please feel free to take one or more. Plonia & Gary Swets
  • Final announcement. – There will be an opportunity to follow a confession of faith course this year. Please contact a consistory member if you are interested in joining the class.
  • The offerings for September 2019 are as follows:

General $18,414.75

Benevolent $  1,599.09

CEF $  2,696.61

Building $  1,699.06

World Renew $10,646.00

Sumba Mission Day $22,553.00

  • Sincere thanks to the Titus 2 Women and all that remembered me on my birthday. “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits towards me?”    Gary Kwekel
  • The Mattaniah Male Choir will perform at United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids on November 1 at 7:30 pm. Tickets may be purchased from Plymouth Christian Schools or at the door.

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