Announcements for Sunday, April 15.

  • Please remember Mr Dave Meeuwse in prayer, with thanksgiving. He suffered a heart attack last Monday and was hospitalized, now has returned home. Please pray for the full restoration of his strength
  • There will be no classes after the service this morning.
  • The mission collection for April is for the Sumba mission.

Meditation for Sunday, April 15.

He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love. Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love. Song of Sol. 2:4, 5.

Now, the ancients and elders of the town of Mansoul thought that they never should have enough of the Prince Emmanuel; his person, his actions, his words and behaviour, were so pleasing, so taking, so desirable to them.

Wherefore they prayed him, that though the castle of Mansoul was his place of residence (and they desired that he might dwell there for ever), yet that he would often visit the streets, houses, and people of Mansoul. For,’ said they, dread Sovereign, thy presence, thy looks, thy smiles, thy words, are the life, and strength, and sinews of the town of Mansoul.

Besides this, they craved that they might have, without difficulty or interruption, continual access unto him (so for that very purpose he commanded that the gates should stand open), that they might there see he manner of his doings, the fortifications of the place, and the royal mansion-house of the Prince. When he spake, they all stopped their mouths and gave audience; and when he walked, it was their delight to imitate him in his goings.

Now, upon a time Emmanuel made a feast for the town of Mansoul; and upon the feasting-day the townsfolk were come to the castle to partake of his banquet; and he feasted them with all manner of outlandish food-food that grew not in the fields of Mansoul, nor in all the whole kingdom of Universe; it was food that came from his Father’s court. And so there was dish after dish set before them, and they were commanded freely to eat. But still, when a fresh dish was set before them, they would whisperingly say to each other, What is it?’ for they wist not what to call it. They drank also of the water that was made wine, and were very merry with him. There was music also all the while at the table; and man did eat angels’ food, and had honey given him out of the rock. So Mansoul did eat the food that was peculiar to the court; yea, they had now thereof to the full.

I must not forget to tell you, that as at this table there were musicians, so they were not those of the country, nor yet of the town of Mansoul; but they were the masters of the songs that were sung at the court of Shaddai. The Holy War  by John Bunyan

Service information for 4/15/18

9:15 a.m. Lord’s Supper
Title: An always remembered deliverance
1. Protection
2. Salvation
3. Judgment

Psalter 90:1-5
Exodus 14:19-31 (30)
Psalter 4:1-5
Psalter 228:1-3
Psalter 159:1-4
(Psalm 77:13-20)
Psalter 108:1-3
Psalter 423:6-7

6:00 p.m. Reflection on Lord’s Supper
Title: A song of praise to God
1. Praise for who He is
2. Praise for what He has done
3. Praise for what He will do

Psalter 175:1-4
Ex. 15:1-21 (11)
Psalter 213:1-5
Psalter 290:4-8
Psalter 423:4-5

Service Information for 4/8/18

9:15 a.m. Preparatory
Title: God’s way of salvation

  1. God’s way is not our way
  2. Salvation is of the Lord
  3. The obedience of faith

Psalter 149:1-6
Exodus 14:1-18 (13-14)
Psalter 384:1-5
Psalter 253:8-12
Psalter 425:5-6

6:00 p.m.
Title: To obey is better than sacrifice

Psalter 57:1-3
1 Samuel 15:10-31 (22) HC LD33 qa90
Psalter 236:1-4
Psalter 33:1-5
Psalter 438:3-4

Announcements for Sunday, April 8.

  • There will be no classes after the morning service next
  • The mission collection for April is for the Sumba mission.
  • Come Over and Help will have a presentation at Plymouth Christian High School on May 5. Desert will be served at 7 pm and the presentation will begin at 7:45 pm. Sándor-Zsolt Szabófrom Oradea, Romania, will speak about his outreach work to the at-risk and needy in their community, with aid and with the gospel.
  • Collections for the month of March:

General $12,817.00

Benevolent $     462.00

CEF $  1,499.00

Building $  1,855.41

William Carey Foundation $  2,626.00

Plymouth Christian Schools $     728.00

Meditation for Sunday, April 8.

  • “This do in remembrance of me.” Luke 2:19.

    An unconverted man cannot remember Christ; for he hath never seen him, neither known him. A man who never tasted honey, cannot remember the taste of it; so a man who never had a saving taste of the sweetness of the Lord Jesus, cannot possibly remember him. Indeed, there is a kind of remembrance of Christ that any man may have. You may remember the events of his life—that he was born in a stable—that he walked on the Lake of Galilee —that he wept over Jerusalem—that he prayed in Gethsemane—that he died on the cross in Calvary; but even the devils can remember Christ in this way. They remember all his history much more perfectly than we do. Satan has more knowledge of divine things than many doctors of divinity. And lost souls in eternal misery remember Jesus; they remember all he did, and all he suffered, and how often he would have saved them. Judas, in his place in hell, remembers Jesus. But, ah! this is not the saving remembrance of Jesus which we have at the Lord’s table.

    “When a labouring, heavy laden sinner is brought to the feet of Jesus, he finds a joy and peace in believing he never felt before. He gets a discovery of the love of Christ that he never had before; the love of Jesus in coming for the ungodly, and dying for them; the freeness of Christ to every creature—to sinners, even the chief—to publicans and sinners coming to him; the wisdom and excellency of this way of salvation—the amazing glory and perfection of the righteousness of God. When the Spirit thus takes the veil from the eyes, he gets a sight of Christ which he never will, and never can forget. This is the spiritual relish and discerning of the Lord’s body. Every new exhibition of Jesus calls up again this sweet sense of his goodness and beauty. He cannot hear his name but his heart is caught away to him. His name is like ointment. When ministers preach his Word, the memory rushes back to Jesus; and when the broken bread and wine are set before his eyes, his heart is drawn away to remember Jesus. As when the widows stood by Peter weeping, showing the coats and garments that Dorcas had made, every new piece of handiwork of their departed friend called up fresh love in their bosom, and fresh tears to their eyes. So to those that know Jesus, the broken bread and poured-out wine stir up their inmost souls to remember Jesus.

    Have you this sanctified memory? Do you remember when the name of Christ was all a blank to you? and is it now like ointment poured forth? Do you remember when first you saw the Lord, or if not the very time, do you feel the amazing change that has been wrought in you? Then welcome— “This do in remembrance of me.”  by Robert Murray McCheyne

Meditation for Sunday, April 1.

He is not here; for he is risen, as he said: come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matt. 28:6.

Has Christ, and has his resurrection such a potent and comfortable influence into the resurrection of the saints? Then it is the duty, and will be the wisdom of the people of God, so to govern, dispose, and employ their bodies, as become men and women, that understand what glory is prepared for them at the resurrection of the just. Particularly,

First, Be not fondly tender of them, but employ and use them for God here. How many good duties are lost and spoiled by sinful indulgence to our bodies? Alas! we are generally more solicitous to live long, than to live usefully. How many saints have active, vigorous bodies, yet God has little service from them. If your bodies were animated by some other souls that love God more, and burn with holy zeal to his service, more work would be done for God by your bodies in a day, than is now done in a month. To have an able, healthy body, and not use it for God, for fear of hurting it, is as if one should give you a strong and stately horse, upon condition you must not work or ride him. Wherein is the mercy of having a body, except it be employed for God? Will not its reward at the resurrection be sufficient for all the pains you nor put it to in his service?

Secondly, See that you preserve the due honour of your bodies. “Possess them in sanctification and honour,” 1 Thess. 4:4. O, let not these eyes be now defiled with sin, by which you shall see God. Those ears be inlets to vanity, which shall hear the Hallelujahs of the blessed. God hath designed honour for your bodies, O, make them not either the instruments or objects of sin.

Thirdly, Withhold not, upon the pretence of the wants your own bodies may be in, that which God and conscience bid you to communicate for the refreshment of the saints, whose present necessities require your assistance. O, be not too indulgent to your own flesh, and cruel to others. Certainly, the consideration of that reward which shall be given you at the resurrection, for every act of Christian charity, is the greatest spur and incentive in the world to it. And to that end it is urged as a motive to charity, Luke 14:13. “When thou makes a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and thou shalt be blessed”. It was the opinion of an eminent divines, that no man living, fully understands and believes that scripture. “In as much as you have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.” How few saints would be exposed to daily wants and necessities, if that scripture were but fully understood and believed!

from The Fountain of Life Opened by John Flavel

Announcements for Sunday, April 1.

  • There will be no classes after the morning service today.
  • William Joseph Heikoop plans to make public confession of faith during the evening service today. 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
  • Today is the last opportunity to sign up for the Forgotten Man Ministries banquetscheduled for Thursday, April 19 at 6:15 at Frederick Meijer Gardens.

Service information for 4/1/18

9:15 a.m.
Title: An encounter with the risen Lord
1. Looking for the body of Jesus
2. Found by the risen Savior
3. To live by faith and not by sight

Psalter 175:1-4
John 20:1-18 (16)
Psalter 203:1-5
Psalter 29:1-3
Psalter 427:1-2

6:00 p.m. Confession of Faith
Title: True faith has a firm foundation
1. The resurrection of Christ
2. The preaching of the gospel
3. True faith and its fruit

Psalter 134:1-3
1 Corinthians 15:1-26 (14)
Psalter 320:1-5
Psalter 86:1-3
Psalter 346:1-2
Psalter 421:3-4