New Years Service 2019

Service Time:  9:30am

Theme: Divine compassion
1. Bless the LORD
2. He pitieth as a father
3. Them that fear him
Psalter 175:1-4
Psalm 103:1-22 (13)
Psalter 444:1-5
Psalter 94:1-6
Psalter 199:1-5

Old Years Service 2018

Service Time: 7pm

Theme: The LORD shall endure for ever
1. Days like a shadow
2. Unto all generations
3. Mercy upon Zion
Psalter 275:1-5
Psalm 102:1-28 (11-13)
Psalter 442:1-5
Psalter 182:1-7
Psalter 246:1-3


Meditation for Sunday, December 30.

Every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. Romans 14:11.

Next, you will have to confess, so the text says. By this I understand that you will have to acknowledge that God is your Lord and Master, and had a right to your services, that you ought to have kept His law, that in sinning you have done unrighteously and acted as you ought not to have acted. That confession you will not be able to withhold. Oh how the wicked will bite their tongues when they have to acknowledge their folly and wrong doing. But it will have to come out of every man’s mouth. When God pronounces sentence and the ungodly are sent down to hell, they will give their own assent to His righteousness in condemning and punishing them. The verdict of the castaways in hell is that they deserve it and this is, indeed, the hell of hell—that they cannot deny the justice of those pains which come upon them as the result of their disobedience. God will see to it that we shall justify Him either in life or in death, by confessing that He is righteous.

I appeal to you, my dear hearers, whether you are ready with your account which you will have to render to God. Have you kept one at all? Sometimes when men appear before a court they plead that they have no books and it is always a bad sign. You know what the judge thinks of him. Can you dare to examine yourself and answer questions? Can you give an account of your stewardship? Have you kept it correctly, or have you credited yourself with large things where you ought to have debited yourself? Your fraud will be discovered, for the great Accountant will read it through and will detect an error in a single moment. Is your account kept correctly and are you ready to render it in at this moment?

Christian brother, you and I might hold back a little before we could say “Ay” to that and yet I trust we could say it, for we know ourselves to be accepted with God. As for those who have scarcely thought of their God, their Maker, what will they do? What can they do, when each one of them must give an account before God and they have no account except that which will condemn them for having wasted their Master’s goods, for having defrauded the eternal God of that which was justly His due and having spent upon their lusts that which ought to have been dedicated to their God?

This judgment, then, will be personal. You cannot put your godly mother into the scale with yourself. You cannot associate your dear old father with yourself in judgment. O children, you cannot be judged by your ancestry, but by your acts, for it is written—“The Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.” Oh, see you to it. God help you to do so.        C. H. Spurgeon

Announcements for Sunday, December 30.

  • There are no Christian education classes after the morning service today.
  • Give thanks to the Lord that the sale of the current parsonage and the purchase of the new parsonage are now scheduled to close on January 14 and January 15. The Vanden Bergs should be able to move from one house to the other.
  • The youth group is arranging the Sunday evening singing schedule for the coming year. Please contact Leah Boerkoel if you would like to be added or removed from the host family list.

Service Information for December 30 2018

Sunday AM Worship:

Theme: The mind of Christ
1. The humbling
2. A servant
3. The sacrifice
Psalter 256:1-5
Philippians 2:1-18 (5)
Psalter 224:1-6
Psalter 32:1-4
Psalter 429:1-2

Sunday PM Worship:

Theme: Love the truth
Psalter 26:1-5
2 Samuel 16:1-14 (3-4) HC LD 43 qa 112
Psalter 415:2-4
Psalter 401:1-4
Psalter 82:1-3

Christmas Day Service 2018

Title: Glory to God in the highest
1. A multitude of the heavenly host
2. The song of the praise of God
3. The fruit in the life of the audience
Psalter 261:1-3
Luke 2:1-20 (13-15)
Psalter 112:1-4
Psalter 298:1-3
Psalter 450:1-2

Announcements for Sunday, December 23.

  • There are no Christian education classes after the morning service today.
  • We would like to have a congregational Christmas carol sing in the chapel after the evening service today. Please gather as soon as possible after the service.
  • The youth group mission trip is planned for July 22 through July 27.
  • The next celebration of the Lord’s Supper is scheduled for January 27.
  • Our mission collection for this month is for the Sumba Mission Outreach, a reformed mission effort on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. Please see the most recent updates at com.

Meditation for Sunday, December 23.

The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,..full of grace and truth. John 1:14.

Grace is put first. “We beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace.” Jesus Christ is the Son of God; He is His only begotten Son. Others are begotten of God, but no other was ever begotten of God as Christ was; consequently, when He came into this world the glory that was about Him was a glory as of the only begotten. A very singular, and very special, and incommunicable glory abides in the person of our Lord. Part of this was the glory of His grace. Now, in the Old Testament, in the thirty-fourth chapter of Exodus, you notice that the glory of God lay in His being “the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth.” The glory of the only begotten of the Father must lie in the same things as the glory of the Father, namely, in longsuffering and truth. In Christ there is a wonderful gentleness, patience, pity, mercy, and love of God. Not merely did He teach the grace of God, and invite us to the grace of God, but in Himself He displayed the grace of God.
This is seen in His incarnation, It is a wonderful instance of divine grace that the word should be made flesh and dwell among us, and reveal His glory to us. Apart from anything that springs out of the incarnation of Christ, that incarnation itself is a wondrous act of grace. There must be hope for men now that man is next akin to God through Jesus Christ. The angels were not mistaken when they not only sang, “Glory to God in the highest,” but also, “on earth peace, goodwill towards men,” because in Bethlehem the Son of God was born of a virgin. God in our nature must mean God with gracious thoughts towards us. If the Lord had meant to destroy the race, He never would have espoused it and taken it into union with Himself. There is fullness of grace in the fact of the Word made flesh tabernacling among us.
More than this, there is fullness of grace in the life of Christ when we consider that He lived in order to perfect Himself as our High Priest. Was He not made perfect through His sufferings, that He might sympathize with us in all our woes? He was compassed with infirmities, and bore our sorrows, and endured those crosses of the human life which press so heavily on our own shoulders; and all this to make Himself able to deal graciously with us in a tender and brotherly way. Apart from that which comes wonderful brotherhood, there is a bottomless depth of grace about the fellowship itself. The Lord Jesus cannot curse me, for He has borne my curse: He cannot be unkind to me, for He has shared my sorrows. If every pang that tends my heart has also rent His heart, and if into all my woes He has descended even deeper than I have gone, it must mean love to me, it cannot mean anything else; and it must mean truth, for Jesus did not play at fellowship, His griefs were real. I say then that this manifestation of God in the person of Christ Jesus is seen in His sorrowing life to be full of grace and truth.     C.H. Spurgeon

Service Information for Dec 23 2018

Title: People in darkness shall see a great light
1. Darkness
2. Light
3. Christ
Psalter 72:1-4
Isaiah 8:19 – 9:7 (2)
Psalter 111:1-4
Psalter 202:1-3
Psalter 448:2-3

Title: The advantage of my neighbor
Psalter 232:1-3
1 Samuel 18:1-4 + 19:1-7 + 20:1-4 + 35-42 (20:42)
HC LD 42 qa 111
Psalter 99:1-5
Psalter 233:1-6
Psalter 449:1-2



Service Information for December 16 2018

Morning Worship; 9:15am
Theme: Great in the sight of the Lord
1. Joy and gladness
2. Not wine, but the Holy Spirit
3. Turn to the Lord
Psalter 228:1-3
Luke 1:1-20 (14-16)
Psalter 268:1-4
Psalter 83:1-3
Psalter 448:1-2

Evening Worship; 6pm
Theme: Theft under the appearance of right
Psalter 57:1-3
1 Kings 21:1-16 (15-16) HC LD 42 qa 110
Psalter 138:1-4
Psalter 93:1-4
Psalter 435:1, 7, 9