Service Information for 10/1/17

9:15 a.m. Holy Baptism
Theme: Children brought to Christ
1. Children received by Christ
2. Children blessed by Christ
3. Receive the kingdom as a little child

Pr. 284:1-3
Mark 10:13-27 (16)
Pr. 425:5
Pr. 436:3
Pr. 64:1-3
Pr. 227:1-3
Pr. 314:1-2

6:00 p.m.
Theme: The institution of Baptism

Pr. 261:1-3
Mark 16:9-20 (16) HC LD26 qa71
Pr. 140:1-4
Pr. 297:1-3
Pr. 419:1-2

Announcements for Sunday, October 1.

  • Baptism will be administered this morning to:

Riley Kate, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jason Klaasen.

And the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.1 John 1:7


  • Collections for September:

General                                $23,082.80

Benevolent                           $  2,364.00

CEF                                      $  1,344.00

Building                               $11,352.00

Hurricane Relief                  $  9,442.00

  • The annual meeting of the Trinitarian Bible Society will be held on Tuesday, October 17 at 7:30 PM in the Covell Netherlands Reformed Church.The two speakers are: Pastor Gerald Buss, the Chairman of TBS, and Pastor Pooyan Mehrshahi, who was born in Iran and is now a pastor in Cheltenham, England.

Meditation for Sunday, October 1.

“All things that the Father hath are mine.”—John 16:15.

Remember where all things are to be had; and that therefore, if you would believe, you must remember, that faith to believe in the Son of God is to be had where all other things are. Faith is the gift of God; and Christ is the Author of faith; therefore, seek not to bring faith out of your own bowels; for, as faith comes by hearing, so nothing but the power of God can produce it effectually; that is, by the gospel’s coming, not in word only, but in power, and in the Holy Ghost. This power works secretly and silently upon the heart in hearing, when, perhaps, the person little knows that it is the power of God that is dealing with his heart; when yet, while the Spirit is in the word, shewing the things of Christ, there may be a heart-beating towards him: a heart-bleeding, a heart-bursting, a heart-burning towards him: and possibly, the heart that was hard like a rock, now melting like water before the Lord; yea, under this drawing power of the Spirit, there may be heart-panting after the Lord, and yet the poor soul, perhaps, doth not know that the power of God is present. This faith comes not by working or doing, or forcing yourselves up to some strong actings: but it comes by hearing: the actings of faith come by hearing of the object of faith presented in the word, and by hearing what the Spirit says of his glory.

Why then do you stand poring over your lack of power to act faith, as if you were to pull it out of your own breast? You will be nearer to your purpose, if you pore over the object of faith, wherein all things are. The soul, in believing, considers not, What can I do, but What can Christ do? Not, What have I in me, but, what hath Christ in him? It is taken up with nothing but Christ; and it is the best act of faith that loses itself, and is swallowed up in his fullness.

Rev. Ralph Erskine

Meditation for Sunday, September 24.

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it”—Isaiah 30:21.

Watch him, for the voice is calling again, and he is every now and then turning his ear round as if he wanted to hear it. “Return, return, return.” He smites upon his breast and cries, “Would God I could return; I will return, for I cannot perish; I cannot let things go as once I did; I cannot leave everything to take its own way while I take my chance. No, I must have Christ or else I die, and I must have him soon, or else I shall seal my eternal destiny, and prove a castaway for ever. O God, call again, call again; keep on calling, till I come; for lo, my spirit answers, ‘Draw me, and I will run after thee.’ When thou saidst unto me, ‘Seek ye my face,’ my heart said unto thee, ‘Thy face, Lord, will I seek.'”
What will be the last stage of this inner work? Since the man dares not go any further in this wrong way, what is he to do? He cannot turn to the right or to the left, for God has hedged up his way with thorns. Now, listen to what he will say, “I will return unto my first husband, for it was better with me then than now.” This poor soul looks on him whom he pierced. He did not know he was piercing his Redeemer; but now he sees it all, and while his eyes begin to stream with tears, he turns unto this Christ upon the cross, and finds life while looking at him. See him get up and feel as if he did not know what to do with himself as he cries,

“Blest cross; blest sepulchre; blest rather be
The man that here did shed his blood for me.”

Now he enquires, “Which is my way? Speak, sweet voice; speak, sweet voice; tell me which is my way.” And now the voice moves and speaks in front of him; for shepherds go before their sheep. The man looks and sees the Crucified One with pierced hands and feet leading the way, and he delights to follow him: ay, and he shall follow him until at the last he shall see his face in glory everlasting. Redeemed by blood and rescued by power eternal, and brought home to the great Shepherd’s fold, to go no more out for ever, the sinner shall be filled with gladness. Listen, then, listen, ye that have turned your backs on God! Infinite mercy woos you, boundless compassion entreats you to be saved. Turn ye; turn as you are, all black and filthy and bemired; tarry not to mend or wash, but come to Jesus all unholy and unclean, without a single sound speck upon your leprous frame, utterly lost and ruined. Christ died for such as you. I say again, tarry not to improve yourselves, but come now, while mercy’s voice incites you, while the Holy Ghost not only entreats, but sweetly constrains. Come and welcome, sinners, come. The Lord bless you. Amen.

CH Spurgeon

Announcements for Sunday, September 24.

  • Confession of faith class is starting October 5 at 7:30 p.m. atthe parsonage.
  • Gary Kwekel plans to celebrate his 84th birthday on Friday, September 29.
  • The church will forward our mission donations for hurricane relief to World Renew, the disaster response service of the CRC and RCA.
  • A concert will be held on Friday, September29 at 8 pm to benefit Special Education (ESSP) services at Plymouth Christian Schools. A collection will be taken. A mixed choir will be accompanied by strings and the Foundation Brass Band. The concert will be at Christ Chapel at Cornerstone University, 1001 E. Belt line Ave NE.
  • Please pray for the Vander Boon family as they visit Elisa in Sumba.

Announcements for Sunday, September 17.

  • Please contact pastor Van den Berg by tomorrow if you are interested in attending a class for making confession of faith.
  • Please take some time to send a note to our young people who are away from home. A list of  addresses is on the book rack.
  • The mission collection this week will be to support a christian group in helping those affected by the recent hurricanes in the USA.

Meditation for Sunday, September 17.

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it”—Isaiah 30:21.

After a while there gets to be a desire in his heart. It is only a faint and spasmodic desire,—nothing very strong or constant—but there it is, and it cannot be quenched. “I wish I could get right somehow: for in my present condition I am in an evil case; I am sailing in the wrong boat; I wish I could land somewhere, and take the return boat and get to my home. I do not feel at all easy; I wish I knew what to do to be saved. I do know it somehow, for I have heard it every Sabbath day, but yet I do not understand it; I cannot get hold of it; I wish I could, for I am anxious to be forgiven, to be renewed in the spirit of my mind, to be made a new creature in Christ Jesus.” “Do you know,” he says to someone, “that voice I could not bear, that used to wake me up at nights, that kept me out of pleasure? There is a kind of music in it now; I like to hear it: I wish I heard it so that it had an effect upon me, for I am afraid I shall go down to the pit, and be lost under accumulated responsibilities for having neglected the call of divine love. Oh, help me to come to Christ, for I am anxious to reach him, but I feel as if I could not come. I do not feel as I ought. I am told to believe, but I do not know what it means, or I cannot do it.

“I would but can’t believe, Then all would easy be.
I would but cannot, Lord, relieve: My help must come from thee.”

He is getting on all right, friends. We shall have a better bulletin concerning him directly. He is wonderfully improving: a great deal of the fever of pride has gone out of the man; we shall have him yet in perfect health. He could not rest because he heard too much of the word behind him, and now he cannot rest because he cannot hear enough of it: he desires that it may penetrate his soul and change him from darkness to light.
What shall happen next? As that voice continues to sound, it pulls him up, and leads to resolve. The word of the Lord has put a bit into his mouth and a bridle between his jaws; he does not dare go any further; he sits down to consider. I think I saw him on his knees too, and he is resolved if heaven is to be had he will have it; if mercy is to be found he will find it; he will rake the world over, but he will gain the pearl of great price. I think I heard him say he would not go to sleep till he found Jesus. I am glad he has come to that pass. Friend, you are just like the prodigal when he said, “I will arise and go to my father”; only take care you do not end in resolutions. Let it be said of you as of that same prodigal, “He arose, and came to his father”; for all our resolutions are not worth the making unless they be most earnestly and speedily carried into effect. Observe the effect of the word behind the wanderer. Cannot you see the man who was running so fast? He has pulled up. He sees a line drawn across his path, and he must not go over it. He feels that if he goes further he may never have another call of mercy, and this makes him pause. Did not we sing this morning, “Soon that voice will cease its calling”?

The man is anxious to obey while he may. He is not yet resolved to go back, but he dares not go further.    CH Spurgeon