Announcements for Sunday, December 20.

  • Mr. Cornelius Boerkoel passed away last Friday. Please remember in prayer and with sympathy, Mrs. Jo Boerkoel with her children and grandchildren.
  • Christian education classes will be held today. There will be no classes next week. We will resume classes on January 3. We would like to prepare for the resumption of our snack time before classes on January 3 in the event that Covid-19 cases in our area do recede.
  • The mission collection for December is for TimotheosUSA. The organization’s mission is to bring knowledge through training, education, and assistance to (orphan) children and students in Malawi, Africa with the aim of personal development and community connection where they live. TimotheosUSA has recently transitioned the management of their program to Gerrit Ommen of Springford, ON, Canada. He is in Malawi as an employee of Timotheos Canada.
  • The collections for the building fund on Christmas Day and New Years Eve will be used specificly to make facility improvements for safety. Certain improvements have been recommended by our safety committee and these funds will be used to defray these costs.
  • The consistory has received the membership transfer of Mr. Dan Rozeboom. Please receive him into your prayers and fellowship.
  • Dear Church Family, This last year has been hard for all of us. It is our prayer that the Lord in his grace  will help you in trials and sorrow. May the Lord for Christ sake grant rich blessings through his Word during the Christmas season and in the new year 2021. It is our hope that the Lord will soon give an open door for pastor Pronk and his wife to come over and serve the congregation under the blessing of the Lord. We remember how many blessings the Lord provided while serving in your midst and we do miss our church family. Thank you so much for the cards with love and good words that we have received.

With love,

Pastor VandenBerg Family

Meditation for Sunday, December 13.

Of Desiring Jesus in respect to His birth.

Let us desire Jesus carrying on the great work of our salvation at his first coming or incarnation. It is not enough to know and consider, but we must desire. Now, what is desire, but a certain motion of the appetite, by which the soul darts itself towards the absent good, purposely to draw near, and to unite itself thereunto? The incarnation of Christ, according to the letter, was the desire of all nations. O how they that lived before Christ, desired this coming of Christ! Abraham desired to see that day, two thousand years and more before it came. It was the expectation of all the patriarchs: O when will that day come! And surely the incarnation of Christ in the fruit or application, is, or should be, the desire of all Christians.

There is virtue in Jesus Christ, in every passage of Christ, in his conception, incarnation, in his birth, and in those consequents after his birth. Now, to make these ours, that we may have our share and interest in them, we must here begin. O my soul, do thou desire, do thou seek to possess thyself of Christ! Set thy desire (as the needle point) aright, and all the rest will follow: never will union be with the absent good, but the soul, by desire, must first dart itself towards it. True it is, millions of souls stand at a distance from Christ; and why? they have no desire towards him: but, O that my soul, and thy soul, whosoever thou art that reads, would desire! O that we could desire and long after him until we languish, and be compelled to cry out with the spouse, “Comfort me, for I am sick of love.”

Is there not good reason for it? what is there in Christ that is not desirable? View over all those excellencies of his conception; of his two natures really distinguished, and yet wonderfully united; of his birth; of those few consequents after his birth: but above all, see the fruit of all; he was conceived, that our conceptions might be sanctified; he was the Son of man, that he might suffer for us; and the Son of God, that he might satisfy divine justice; he was God and man in one person, that we might be one with him, “members of his body, of his flesh, of his bones.” He was born of the Virgin, that there might be a spiritual birth of Christ in our virgin-hearts. Are not these desirable things? Never tell me of thy present enjoyments; for never was Christ so enjoyed in this life, but thou hast cause to desire more of Christ. It is worth thy observation, that spiritual desires after Christ do neither load nor cloy the heart, but rather open and enlarge it for more and more. Who was better acquainted with God than Moses? and yet who was more importunate to know him better? “I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.” And who was more acquainted with Christ than Paul? and yet who was more importunate to be with him nearer? “I desire to be dissolved, and to be with Christ.” Further and further, union with Christ and communion with Christ, are most desirable things, and are not these the fruits of his incarnation, the effects of his personal union? More and more peace, and love, and reconciliation, betwixt God and us, are desirable things: and are not these the fruits of Christ’s birth? was it not then that “righteousness looked down from heaven? that mercy and truth met together, and righteousness and peace kissed each other?” An higher degree of holiness, likeness to God and Christ, are desirable things: and are not these the fruits of circumcision, and presentation to the Lord, the effects of all those consequents that follow after his birth? Come, stir up thy desires: true desires are not wavering, but resolute and full of quickness.

  Isaac Ambrose

Announcements for Sunday, December 13.

  • Christian education classes will be held today and next week. We will take December 27 off for Christmas break and resume classes on January 3. We would like to prepare for the resumption of our snack time before classes on January 3 in the event that Covid-19 cases in our area do recede.
  • Please note that Mark and Coral Hoffmann no longer have their land line phone line. They can now be reached at:Mark – 616-498-7043; Coral 616-617-9296.
  • We will continue to have in person worship services. However, we want to emphasize that members that feel at risk should attend the live streaming of the services at home. Please exit the building immediately after the service.
  • The Lord’s Supper is planned for Sunday, January 17.

All the Lord willing.

Announcements for Sunday, December 6.


  • Give thanks to the Lord that John Rademaker was able to return home after a short stay in the hospital to dissolve a blood clot in his leg. He also had his pacemaker replaced by an outpatient procedure two weeks ago.
  • Christian education classes are canceled today, Next Sunday we will resume the classes for two weeks. We will take December 27 off for Christmas break and resume classes on January 3, the Lord willing.
  • We give thanks to the Lord for these collections in November.

General $13,675.67

Building $15,187.00

CEF $  1,458.25

Benevolent $  2,205.00

Trinitarian Bible Society $  3,629.67

  • We will continue to have in person worship services. However, we want to emphasize that members that feel at risk should attend the live streaming of the services at home. Please exit the building immediately after the service.

Meditation for Sunday, December 6.

What think ye of Christ? Whose son is he?  Matthew 22:42.

Observe that it is an enquiry which concerns the Savior. “What do you think of the Messiah, the Sent One, the Christos, the Anointed One of God?” Do you think his errand was necessary? Was there a need for such a person to come here? He came to save men from their sins. Have you any sins? Have you sins from which you cannot escape for yourself, for which you can make no atonement yourself? Have you felt this? If you say you have no sin, your thoughts of Christ will be that he was a needless commissioner from heaven as far as your case is concerned. He did not come to call those who do not need to be saved. Do you confess sin? Do you believe that God in sending Christ to save his people from their sins has done a gracious and merciful act? Do you accept the person whom he has sent? Are you willing to be saved by him? Are you willing to be saved on his terms, which are that you yield yourself up to him, that he shall be your sole Savior, that he shall have all the glory of your salvation, that you shall not be saved by any merit of your own, but be pardoned through his blood and righteousness? Does your soul say “Yes” to that before the living God? If so, your thoughts of Christ are right; but if not, if you kick at his sacrifice, and say, “I see no need for it”; if you think it is insufficient to put away sin, and if, therefore, you do not trust in it; then have you made God a liar by not believing his testimony concerning his Son.

Please notice that this question not only concerns the Savior, but it concerns the person of the Saviour, and this is a point too often forgotten. We speak of the Lord’s teachings and doings, but we ought more often to remember that he is a real personage, not a name, or a fiction; not a shadow that has passed across the historic page, but a man of whom we may ask the question, “Whose Son is he?” as the Master asked it here. Now, shall I ask the question of you? What do you think of the person of Christ? Do you understand how sonship and lordship blend in him? Do you understand him to be the Son of David; and, therefore, yielding obedience on earth, both to man and to God, becoming the servant of servants for our sake, and obedient even to death: and yet do you comprehend that he is Lord of all, that the government is upon his shoulders? Is Christ your Saviour, and yet your Master? Has he done all for you, and now do you feel that he is enthroned in your heart’s best love, and that you would do anything and everything for him? Bleeding on the cross, and yet exalted on the throne: can you reconcile these two things? The crown of thorns, and the crown of universal monarchy; have you seen how these two are united in his blessed person? What do you think of Christ, sonship and lordship blended? And have you seen, and does your faith know, that he is both human and divine, Son of David, truly such by natural descent; Son of God, also by nature and essence? It is no use our mincing matters; we cannot believe in the salvation of a man who does not believe in the deity of Christ. We would have the utmost charity possible, but we must have honesty too, and it does seems to us that the rejection of Christ as God is the rejection of his salvation altogether. Beloved, have you accepted the whole Christ, the Man Christ, the God Christ, Emmanuel, God with us? Is he your trust? If not, may the Lord bring you to look the question in the face before any other. Put all the rest in the background and consider this, “Have you thought correctly concerning God in Christ Jesus, the Savior of men?”     CH Spurgeon

Service Information for Dec. 6


Service Information Sunday Morning 9:15am: Chris Engelsma

Sermon: The Spirit of God and our Adoption
Scripture: Romans 8:12-39
Text: Rom. 8:16

  1. The Roman practice of adoption
  2. God’s practice of adoption
  3. Application

Psalter 51
Psalter 52
Psalter 92
Psalter 433


Service Information Sunday Evening 6pm:  Chris Engelsma

Sermon: Until the Promised Seed Comes
Scripture: Galatians 3
Text: Galatians. 3:19

  1. God’s covenant with Abraham
  2. God’s covenant with Moses
  3. Ready for the Promised Seed
  4. Application

Psalter 425 vs 1-3
Psalter 44
Psalter 425 vs 4-6
Psalter 431

Announcements for Sunday, November 29.

  • Christian education classes are canceled today and next Sunday.
  • We would like to thank our church family for all the shower gifts that you gave us. We are grateful for your generosity and support.   Neal & Kim
  • The Lord’s Supper scheduled for December 13 has been rescheduled for January 17.
  • The Lay Preaching Class and the Titus 2 Women’s Group are canceled for December.
  • We will continue to have in person worship services. However, we want to emphasize that members that feel at risk should attend the live streaming of the services at home. Also, if you attend, we ask that you faithfully follow the seating requirements, that you keep your distance from those who are not members of your immediate family, and that you wear a mask when moving about in the church building.

And, please exit the building immediately after the service.

Services of Thanksgiving

Service Information Thanksgiving Eve 7pm: Chris Mourik

Sermon: Christ Became Poor

Scripture: 2 Cor. 8 (text v9)
1. The Deep Extent of His Poverty
2. The Gracious Effect of His Poverty
3. The Practical Result of His Poverty

Psalter: 10
Psalter: 112
Psalter: 175


Service Information Thanksgiving Day 9:30am: Chris Engelsma

Sermon: It is time for a Peace Offering

Scripture: Leviticus 3
1.  The order
2.  The portions
3.  The guests
4.  The effect

Psalter 306
Psalter 423 vs 5-7
Psalter 144
Psalter 163


Meditation for Sunday, November 22.

Who in times, past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways, Though he left not himself without witness, doing good, giving to us from heaven rain and fruitful times, replenishing with food and gladness our hearts. Acts 14:16, 17.

Giving rain and fruitful seasons. God hath, indeed, revealed himself to all mankind by his word from the beginning. But Paul and Barnabas show that there was no age on which God did not bestow benefits, which might testify that the world is governed by his government and because the light of doctrine had been buried long, therefore they say only, that God was showed by natural evidences. And it is to be thought that they did, in such sort, set forth the magnificence and greatness of the works of God as became them; but it was sufficient for Luke to touch the chief points of matters. Neither do I so understand it, that they entreated subtlety, and after the manner of the philosophers, of the secrets of nature, for they spake unto an unlearned multitude; therefore it behooved them to set that before them plainly which the most ignorant did know. Notwithstanding they take this principle, that in the order of nature there is a certain and evident manifestation of God, in that the earth is watered with rain; in that the heat of the sun doth comfort it; in that there comes such abundance of fruit out of the same yearly, it is thereby gathered for a surety, that there is some God who governs all things. For even the heaven and earth are not moved or governed by their own motion, and much less by fortune. Therefore it remains, that this wonderful workmanship of nature doth manifestly show the providence of God.

The ungodliness of men is convicted because he doth not only set before their eyes testimonies of his glory in his works, but doth also appoint all things for their use. For why doth the sun and stars shine in the heavens, save only that they may serve men? Why doth the rain fall from heaven? Why doth the earth bring forth her increase, save only that they may minister food to men? God hath not set man upon earth that he may be an idle beholder of his work, as being set upon a theater, but to exercise himself in praising the liberality of God, whilst that he enjoys the riches of heaven and earth. And now, is it not more than filthy depravity not to be moved with so great goodness of God in the manifold abundance of things? To fill the hearts with meat, doth signify nothing else but to give food which may satisfy the desires of men. By this word gladness, Paul and Barnabas do mean that God doth give more to men, according to his infinite goodness, than their necessity doth require; as if it had been said, that men have meat given them not only to refresh their strength, but also to make their hearts merry.

If any man do object that it falls out so oftentimes that men do rather mourn, being hungry, then rejoice, being full; I answer, that that comes to pass contrary to the order of nature; when the Lord shuts his hand because of the sins of men. For the liberality of God should flow unto us abundantly of its own accord, as it is here described by Paul and Barnabas, unless it were kept back by our vices. And yet there was never so great barrenness wherein the blessing of God in feeding men did quite wither away. It was, indeed, well said of the prophet, Open thy mouth, and I will fill it, that we may know that we be hungry through our own fault, whilst that we do not admit the goodness of God. But how unworthy soever we be and straight, yet the fatherly love of God breaks through even unto the unworthy.

 John Calvin

Announcements for Sunday, November 22.

  • Please continue to pray for our elderly members as the continued Covid-19 restrictions adds to the sense of isolation and loneliness. Also, give thanks that Mrs. Jane Mast has recovered from Covid-19 having had very mild symptoms.
  • The mission collection for November is for the Trinitarian Bible Society. For more information see
  • The consistory is making the following adjustments to the activities of Providence Reformed Church.
  • Christian education classes are canceled today and for at least the next two Sundays.
  • The Lord’s Supper scheduled for December 13 has been rescheduled for January 17.
  • The Lay Preaching Class and the Titus 2 Women’s Group are canceled for December.
  • The consistory decided at our consistory meeting last Monday evening that there would be no Christmas program this year. We still plan to have outdoor Christmas caroling in the neighborhood and a Christmas carol hymn sing after the evening service on December 20.