Dear Congregation,

The consistory has made the decision to begin corporate worship again. We plan to start next Sunday, May 17. We believe that our worship together is essential and it is our goal to gather as safely as possible so that all our members can attend. However, we do realize that some members may still be concerned. Please feel free to attend online until you feel it’s safe to attend.

For those who attend in person, please consider that the guidelines listed below are for your safety and the safety of others. If we can provide a safe environment at our worship services, then eventually all of our members and guests will feel safe in attending. Please monitor yourself and your children in the following three areas.

  • We ask that you stay home If you or one of your children is feeling sick.
  • We ask that you thoroughly wash your hands before you come.
  • We ask that you practice “social distancing” when having conversations before and after the service.

Please give your full cooperation and attention to all of the following guidelines.

A. We have asked Mark Hoffmann, Jim Bazen, and John Boerkoel to work as ushers to help us safely enter the building, find our seat, and exit the building. Please wait for them to assist you. The side door (bell tower) will remain locked.

B. When entering or leaving the church, we ask that you do not touch door handles and try not to use the handrails. Some doors will be propped open by the ushers and we ask that you enter and exit through those doors. if at all possible, sit in the same seat morning and evening. You can use different seating from Sunday to Sunday.

C. Seating will be arranged to make separation during the service. We ask that you sit with the people you live with and maintain 6 feet of separation from everyone else. Sit only in the benches that are marked with green tape. After the service ends, please remain in your bench until the usher releases you. Do not stay in the building. Go out doors immediately.

D. Parents, please have your young children under your supervision at all times, even to the point of holding their hand so they cannot interact with other children or adults.

E. If you or your child(ren) need to use the restroom, we ask that you use the restroom one person or family at a time. When you are finished, properly wash your hands and use the sanitary wipes that are provided to clean everything you have touched.

F. You do not have to wear a mask over your nose and mouth during the service, but we request that you wear a mask when you enter or leave the facility and when you sing. Young children are excluded from this request as well as those who cannot because of a medical condition. There will be extra masks available on the book cart.

G. When you cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue or into your upper sleeve or elbow, not into your hands.

H. We ask that only those who are not on the email list pick up a printed bulletin.

There will be no nursery or Christian education classes.