Family Camp Sign Up

August 6-7

Michawana Camp Grounds activities (hayride, zip line, climbing wall, group games), waterfront, meals and lodging are reflected in one price. This is to help Camp Michawana be more cost effective, encourage participation for the duration of the stay and make the accounting easier for camp leaders.

  1. If camp participants prefer to sleep at their homes and come for the day, the price is still the same; a cabin will be assigned to you for changing/resting/relaxing during the day.
  2. There is a price cap for families with 5+ children.
  3. Each family is asked to bring a snack for sharing time after the morning topics.
  4. Each family is responsible for their own breakfast both days.

If you have questions, ask them here.


Cabins max cost $240. Camping (site fee of $28 or $33 for full hookup)
3 and under free free
4-17 yr $30 per person $20 per person
18-up $45 per person $35 per person

Those desiring to come for half the day (with one meal) are charged $20.


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