Meditation for Sunday, December 9.

“All things that the Father hath are mine.” John 16:15

The last direction I offer to your faith is, O! Would you take this testimony of Christ. Then receive it in the demonstration of the Spirit, who is come to glorify Christ. Look for the anointing that teaches all things; the Spirit takes and shews them to you. All the glorious things that are spoken of Christ will be tasteless, till the spirit give you a taste of them. But, O sirs, have you not now ground to expect the Spirit, when he that hath all things that the Father hath, hath said, “He shall come, he shall glorify me, he shall receive of mine, and shew it unto you;” and again, “He shall receive of mine, and shew it unto you?” And, O! is he not this day shewing you, that the things of God are the things of Christ, and the things of Christ the things of God? Yea, so far as he hath shewn you that all things that the Father hath are Christ’s so far hath he glorified Christ, and made all the glory of God to appear in his face.

Question. How shall I know, if I have believed what Christ here says, and what the Spirit shews; for, I think I am yet brutish in my knowledge; I think I know nothing of this mysterious glory, how all things that the Father hath are his; I think I have no right notion or understanding herein?
In answer hereto, read and consider Jer. 26:7, “I will give them an heart to know me, that I am the Lord; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people: for they shall return to me with their whole heart.” Whence you may see, that the promise is not here of a head-knowledge, but of heart knowledge; for many learned heads, that have had very high notions, and lofty speculations, are lying in the bottom of hell: but, though you have not a head to know, yet have you got a heart to know the Lord; a heart desire to know him, such is many learned rabbis never had. And, though you cannot boast of knowing what a Lord he is (for his glory is infinitely great above the language of men and angels;) yet have you got a heart to know that he is the Lord? Not what he is, but that he is the Lord of lords, and King of kings; that he is such a Lord as commands your heart, and is drawing your heart to him, and away from all your lusts and idols, so as you are returning to him with the whole heart? Then he is so far enlightening your minds in the knowledge of his glory, in having all things that the Father hath is to he giving you what is vastly better than a head to know, even a heart to know him that he is the Lord, a heart-burning desire to know him.

Yea, says he, I give you a heart to know me, that I am the Lord, that I am thy Lord; therefore worship thou me; for, “All things that the Father hath are mine;” all his power and glory, dominion, and authority is mine; and all his treasures and unsearchable riches are mine; and now that thou hast got a heart to know me, thou art mine too. I have given thee a heart to know me, to love, and fear, and adore me; you never had such a heart by nature; it was a heart full of enmity against me, and my Father too; but yet my Father had a heart toward thee, a heart-love to thee; and as all things that he hath are mine; so his heart-love is mine, and he gave it to me, that I might give it to you, and declare it by my Spirit; and I open his heart to thee in his own words, “I have loved thee, with an everlasting love.”

Ralph Erskine

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