Meditation for Sunday, February 7.

And the blood shall be for you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. Ex. 12:13.


My Savior, for my dear ones I claim Thy promise true;

The Lamb is “for the household”- the children’s Savior too.

On earth the little children, once felt thy touch divine;

Beneath the blood-stained lintel, Thy blessings give to mine.


O Thou who gave them, guard them-those wayward little feet;

The wilderness before them, the ills of life to meet.

My mother-love is helpless; I trust them to Thy care!

Beneath the blood-stained lintel, oh, keep me ever there!


By faith I rest upon Thee, Thou wilt not disappoint;

With wisdom, Lord, to train them, my shrinking heart anoint.

Without my children, Father, I cannot see Thy face;

I plead the blood-stained lintel, Thy covenant of grace.


O wonderful Redeemer, who suffered for our sake,

When o’er the guilty nations, the judgement storm shall break,

With joy from that safe shelter may we then meet Thine eye,

Beneath the blood-stained lintel, my children, Lord, and I.


What says one? “Do you preach a conditional salvation?” Yes I do, there is the one condition “Where I see the blood I will pass over you.” What a blessed condition! it does not say, when you see the blood, but when I see it. Thine eye of faith may be so dim, that thou canst not see the blood of Christ. Ay, but God’s eye is not dim: He can see it, yea he must see it; for Christ in heaven is always presenting his blood before his Father’s face. The Israelite could not see the blood; he was inside the house; he could not see what was on the lintel and the doorpost; but God could see it; and this is the only condition of the sinner’s salvation—God’s seeing the blood; not your seeing it. O how safe, then, is every one that trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not his faith that is the condition, not his assurance; it is the simple fact, that Calvary is set perpetually before the eyes of God in a risen and ascended Saviour. “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” Fall on your knees then in prayer, ye doubting souls, and let this be your plea: —”Lord, have mercy upon me for the blood’s sake. I cannot see it as I could desire, but Lord thou seest it, and thou hast said, ‘When I see it, I will pass over you.’ Lord, thou seest it this day, pass over my sin, and forgive me for its dear sake alone.”

C.H. Spurgeon

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