Meditation for Sunday, February 9.

“Be of good cheer: It is I; be not afraid.” Mark 6:50
Listen, then, to the voice of Jesus in the storm.
It is I who raised the tempest in your soul, and will control it.
It is I who sent your affliction, and will be with you in it.
It is I who kindled the furnace, and will watch the flames, and bring you through it.
It is I who formed your burden, who carved your cross, and who will strengthen you to bear it.
It is I who mixed your cup of grief, and will enable you to drink it with meek submission to your Father’s will.
It is I who took from you worldly substance, who bereft you of your child, of the wife of your bosom, of the husband of your youth,
and will be infinitely better to you than husband, wife, or child.
It is I who have done it all.
I make the clouds my chariot, and clothe myself with the tempest as with a garment. The night hour is my time of coming, and the dark, surging waves are the pavement upon which I walk. “It is I; be not afraid.”
It is I, your Friend, your Brother, your Savior!
I am causing all the circumstances of your life to work together for good.
It is I who permitted….
the enemy to assail you,
the slander to blast you,
the unkindness to wound you,
the need to press you!
Your affliction did not spring out of the ground, but came down from above; a heaven sent blessing disguised as an angel of light clad in a robe of ebony.
I have sent all in love!
This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God. This bereavement shall not always bow you to the earth, nor drape in changeless gloom your life.
It is I who ordered, arranged, and controlled it all!
In every stormy wind,
in every darksome night,
in every lonesome hour,
in every rising fear,
the voice of Jesus shall be heard, saying, “Be of good cheer: It is I: be not afraid.”                                               by Octavius Winslow

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