Meditation for Sunday, January 28.

Some called from the womb

There are some called from the womb, as John the Baptist was (Luke 1); or in very early years, before they >an be actively engaged in Satan’s ways, as Timothy. (2 Tim. 3:15.) It cannot be supposed that these have such a preparatory work as we are to speak of. And because some persons may pretend to this way of effectual calling, we offer these marks of it whereby those who have been so called may be confirmed. 1. Such are usually from their childhood kept free from ordinary pollutions, as swearing, lying, mocking of religion and religious persons, etc., with which children are often defiled. Those whom God calleth effectually, He sanctifieth from the time of that effectual calling: ‘Sin cannot have dominion over them,’ as over others, ‘Because they are under grace.’ (Rom. 6:14.) 2. Religion is, as it were, natural to them; I mean, they need not to be much pressed to religious duties even when they are but children; they run willingly that way, because there is an inward principle of ‘love constraining them’ (2 Cor. 5:14), so that they yield themselves servants of righteousness, without outward constraint. (Rom. 6:16.) 3. Although such know not when they were first acquainted with God, yet they have afterwards such exercises of spirit befalling them as the saints in Scripture, of whose first conversion we are not told. They are, upon some occasions, shut out from God, and are again admitted, in their apprehension, to come near; their heart is also further broken up by the ordinances, as is said of Lydia. (Acts 16:14.) And ordinarily they remember when some special subject of religion and duty, or when some sin, of which they were not taking notice before, was discovered to them. They who can apply these things to themselves,  have much to say for their effectual calling from their youth.

from The Christian’s Great Interest by William Guthrie

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