Meditation for Sunday, January 6.

Various poems by John Bunyan.

Upon Time and Eternity

Eternity is like unto a Ring.

Time, like to Measure, doth it self extend;

Measure commences, is a finite thing.

The Ring has no beginning, middle, end.


Upon the Vine-tree

What is the Vine, more than another Tree,

Nay most, than it, more tall, more comely be?

What Work-man thence will take a Beam or Pin,

To make ought which may be delighted in?

It’s Excellency in it’s Fruit doth lie.

A fruitless Vine! It is not worth a Fly.


What are Professors more than other men?

Nothing at all. Nay, there’s not one in ten,

Either for Wealth, or Wit, that may compare,

In many things, with some that Carnal are.

Good are they, if they mortifie their Sin;

But without that they are not worth a Pin.


Upon Apparel

God gave us Cloaths to hide our Nakedness,

And we by them, do it expose to View.

Our Pride, and unclean Minds, to an excess,

By our Apparel we to others shew.


Of Man by Nature

From God he’s a Back slider,

Of Ways, he loves the wider;

With Wickedness a Sider,

More Venom than a Spider.

In Sin he’s a Confider,

A Make-bate, and Divider;

Blind Reason is his Guider,

The Devil is his Rider.

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