Meditation for Sunday, May 3.

“Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy.” Ps. 16:11

Thus you see that our text is true concerning our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is also true concerning all who are in Christ, and each of us, who is trusting in Him, may with the hand of faith, grasp this divine assurance, “Thou wilt shew me the path of life.” I feel quite enamored of this portion of my text, and would be perfectly content if I had only to preach from it. Thou, O my God—Thou who knowest everything—Thou wilt show me the path of life! There is no other guide like Thee, my God. I trust no priest—no man like myself—nor even an angel. Thou, who didst lead Thy people through the wilderness by the cloudy, fiery pillar—Thou wilt show me the path of life.

And Thou wilt show it to me—unworthy as I am—just as if I were the only traveler upon life’s rough way. Thou wilt devote Thy wisdom and Thy strength to me, taking me by the hand, and leading me, as a father leads his child. Thou wilt be gentle and patient with me, and when I am so blind that I cannot see my way, Thou wilt go before me and say to me, “This is the way; walk thou in it.”

And my Lord, as there is only one “path of life,” Thou wilt show me the path. It is but a narrow track, and it runs clean contrary to the broad way that leads to destruction. Thou wilt show me the path, O Lord, and guide my feet into it! When I know not which way to turn, to the right or to the left, Thou wilt show me the path, I know that Thou wilt.

And it will be the path of life that Thou will show me. I shall not live in a kind of living death, as others do, but I shall be really quickened by Thy Holy Spirit. In that path, I shall find life, and by that path, I shall receive yet more of life, and at last, I shall attain to the perfection of life, and see Thee in the glory-life above far more fully than I can ever see Thee in the grace-life below.

Thus you see that every word is precious and full of meaning, but just for a moment think of the complete sentence, “Thou wilt shew me the path of life.” That is true, my brother or sister, about the whole of your life while you are here. You will not be misled if you trust in God, Your own supposed wisdom will surely lead you astray if you follow its guidance, but trust in the Lord, and you shall be rightly guided in all times of trouble and difficulty, and when you come to die—when you are indeed entering upon a new and untrodden path—the Lord will still show you the path of life.

He will teach you the way to be confident even when the dewdrops of death lie cold and clammy upon your brow. He will show you the way to meet your last great adversary without a fear, and without even a tremor, and He will teach you how to find life in death, and how to triumph in the last dread conflict.

I know not how it will be, but God knows, and He will show us, “the path of life,”—the way to be conformed to the image of Christ—the way to attain to the perfection of life everlasting. This is the path that no eagle’s eye hath ever seen, and no lion’s whelp hath ever trodden, yet, in blissful confidence, I may die, and rise again, for the Lord will show me, “the path of life.”

Is not this a blessed truth? Then drink it in, and if you have any fears of death, let them all fly away as you meditate upon this comforting assurance which your Lord Himself has so graciously revealed to you. By C.H. Spurgeon

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