Meditation for Sunday, May 24.

But there is forgiveness with Thee. Psalm 130:4.

This whisper also comes in opposition to the voice of despair, for despair says to a soul under a sense of sin, “There is no mercy for you! You have sinned beyond all limits. Your death warrant is signed, the verdict has been given against you, and there remains nothing for you but everlasting burnings!” No, Soul, God’s Word against your word any day! God’s Word says, “There is forgiveness,” Nothing can destroy despair except a message from God, Himself, and this passage is like a huge hammer to break in sunder the gates of brass and dash in pieces the bars of iron: “There is forgiveness.” “All manner of blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men.” In the greatness of His heart, Jehovah declares that He delights in mercy, and this is the song which went up to Him in the old Jewish church with many a repetition, and is just as true today—

“For His mercies shall endure, Ever faithful, ever sure!

He His chosen race did bless In the wasteful wilderness.

For His mercies shall endure, Ever faithful, ever sure.

He has, with a piteous eye, Looked upon our misery!

For His mercies shall endure, Ever faithful, ever sure.”

You have not gone beyond His mercy! You cannot go beyond His mercy if you will trust His Son! “There is forgiveness.” Let this whisper drive away despair! What a blessed whisper it is! “There is forgiveness.” “There is forgiveness.” Let it enter your soul and drive those grim hobgoblins of despair away into the sea of forgetfulness. “There is forgiveness.”

This whisper of hope is, further, the answer to conscience. When Mr. Conscience is really at work, he has a very terrible voice. There is no lion in the thicket that roars like a truly awakened conscience. Conscience says, “You knew your duty, but you did not do it. You have sinned away many a day of grace—you have refused gospel invitations, you have striven against the light of nature and the light of God—you will go down to hell well deserving your doom! When the millstone is about your neck, to sink you into the abyss, you will deserve to have it so, for you have earned all this for yourself by your iniquities.” I will not seek to stifle conscience, nor ask you to shut your ear to his voice. Let him speak, but still, do you not hear between his roars this sweet note as of a silver harp, “But-but-but-but there is forgiveness”? O conscience, there is forgiveness! I am as guilty as you say I am, and much more, for you cannot see all the sin that I have committed: “but there is forgiveness.”

Let me go still further and say that this whisper of hope is an answer, even, to the law of God. The law says, “The soul that sins, it shall die,” and the law knows no mercy—it cannot know any mercy. Sinai has never yet yielded one drop of water to cool the parched tongue of a guilty sinner! Never did a shower reach its craggy peaks! It is a mountain of fire and the thunder rolls over its summit with the sound of a trumpet exceedingly loud and long, making all who hear it to tremble! God, when He comes to judge, must judge according to justice: “but-but-but-but there is forgiveness”! There is another mountain besides Sinai—you have not come unto Mount Sinai—but you have come unto Mount Zion! There is another lawgiver besides Moses! There is Jesus, the Son of God! There is another covenant besides the covenant of Works—there is a covenant of rich, free, sovereign grace, and this is the essence of it: “There is forgiveness.” Oh, that I could convey that whisper into the ear of every sinner who is here! I can do that, but oh, that God the Holy Spirit would put it into your heart, that you might never forget, “There is forgiveness”!

C H Spurgeon

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