Meditation for Sunday, November 17, 2019.

And straightway many were gathered, insomuch that there was no room to receive them, no, not so much as about the door: and He preached the word unto them.” Mark 2:2.

Christ, having been for some time preaching about in the country, here returns to Capernaum his headquarters, and makes his appearance there, in hopes that by this time the talk and crowd would be somewhat abated. Now observe, 1. The great resort there was to him. Though he was in the house, wither Peter’s house, or some lodgings of his own which he had taken, yet people came to him as soon as it was noised that he was in town; they did not stay till he appeared in the synagogue, which they might be sure he would do on the Sabbath day, but straightway many were gathered together to him. Where the king is, there is the court; where Shiloh is, there shall the gathering of the people be. In improving opportunities for our souls, we must take care not to lose time. One invited another (Come, let us go see Jesus), so that his house could not contain his visitants. There was no room to receive them, they were so numerous, no not so much as about the door. A blessed sight, to see people thus flying like a cloud to Christ’s house, though it was but a poor one, and as the doves to their windows! 2. The good entertainment Christ gave them, the best his house would afford, and better than any other could; he preached the word unto them. Many of them perhaps came only for cures, and many perhaps only for curiosity, to get a sight of him; but when he had them together he preached to them. Though the synagogue-door was open to him at proper times, he thought it not at all amiss to preach in a house, on a weekday; though some might reckon it both an improper place and an improper time. Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters, Isa. 32:20 . 3. The presenting of a poor cripple to him, to be helped by him. The patient was one sick of the palsy, it should seem not grievously tormented, but completely disabled, so that he was borne of four, was carried upon a bed, as if he had been upon a bier, by four persons. It was his misery, that he needed to be so carried, and bespeaks the calamitous state of human life; it was their charity, who did so carry him, and bespeaks the compassion that it is justly expected should be in the children of men toward their fellow-creatures in distress, because we know not how soon the distress may be our own.             Matthew Henry

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