Psalter 112


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1. Before Thy people I confess
The wonders of Thy righteousness;
Thou knowest, Lord, that I have made,
Thy great salvation known,
Thy truth and faithfulness displayed,
Thy loving kindness shown.

2. Withhold not Thou Thy grace from me,
O Lord, Thy mercy let me see,
To me Thy loving kindness show,
Thy truth be still my stay;
Let them preserve me where I go,
And keep me every day.

3. Let all who seek to see Thy face
Be glad and joyful in Thy grace;
Let those who Thy salvation love
For evermore proclaim,
O Praise the Lord Who dwells above,
And magnify His Name.

4. Although I poor and needy be,
The Lord in love takes thought for me;
Thou art my help in time of need,
My Saviour, Lord art Thou;
Then, O my God, I pray, I plead,
Stay not, but save me now.

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