Psalter 125


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1. O Royal Bride, give heed,
And to my words attend;
For Christ the King forsake the world.
And ev’ry former friend.

2. Thy beauty and thy grace
Shall then delight the King;
He only is thy rightful Lord,
To Him thy worship bring.

3. To thee, since thou art His,
Great honor shall be shown;
The rich shall bring their gifts to thee,
Thy glory they shall own.

4. Enthroned in royal state,
All glorious thou shalt dwell,
With garments fair, inwrought with gold,
The Church He loveth well.

5. And they that honor thee
Shall in thy train attend;
And to the palace of the King.
Shall joyfully ascend.

6. O King of royal race,
Thy sons of heavenly birth
Thou wilt endow with kingly gifts
As princes in the earth.

7. Thy Name shall be proclaimed
Through all succeeding days,
And all the nations of the earth
Shall give Thee endless praise.

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