Psalter 127


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1. God will our strength and refuge prove,
In all distress a present aid,
And, though the trembling earth remove,
We will not fear nor be dismayed.

2. Our trust in God shall still abide
Tho’ hills be shaken from their seat,
And though the ocean’s swelling tide
Against the trembling mountains beat.

3. A river flows, whose living streams
Make glad the city of our God,
The holy place where glory beams,
Where God Most High has His abode.

4. God has in her His dwelling made,
And she shall nevermore be moved;
Her God shall early give her aid,
Her constant helper He has proved.

5. The kings and nations raged in pride;
He spake, the earth did melt away;
The Lord of Hosts is on our side,
Our father’ God, our strength and stay.

6. Come, see the works of God displayed,
The wonders of His mighty hand,
What desolations He has made,
What ruin spread through all the land.

7. Through all the peopled earth He makes
The dreadful scourge of war to cease,
The implements of battle breaks,
And makes the nations dwell in peace.

8. Be still, ye nations, bow in fear,
And know that I alone am God;
To us the Lord of Hosts is near,
Our fathers’ God is our abode.

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