Psalter 129


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1. Rejoice, ye people, homage give,
To God with voice of triumph sing;
He ruleth in dread majesty,
The great, the universal King.

2. He putteth nations under us
And maketh us triumphant stand;
He giveth for our heritage
His promised rest, a goodly land.

3. God hath ascended with a shout,
Jehovah with the trumpet’s sound;
Sing praise to God our King, sing praise,
Yea, let His glorious praise abound.

4. Our God is King of all the earth,
With thoughtful heart His praise make known;
O’re all the nations God doth reign,
Exalted on His holy throne.

5. To praise and serve our covenant God
The princes of the earth draw nigh;
All kingly pow’rs belong to Him,
He is exalted, God Most High.

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