Psalter 137


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1. The mighty God, Jehovah, speaks
And calls the earth from sea to sea;
From beauteous Zion God shines forth,
He comes and will not silent be;
Devouring flame before Him goes,
And dark the tempest round Him grows.

2. He calls aloud to heav’n and earth
That He may justly judge His own;
My chosen saints together bring
Who sacrifice to Me alone;
The heav’ns His righteousness declare,
For God Himself as Judge is there.

3. Hear, O my people, I will speak,
Against thee I will testify;
Give ear to me, O Israel,
For God, thy covenant God, am I;
I do not spurn thy sacrifice,
Thy off’rings are before My eyes.

4. I will receive from out thy fold
No off’ring for My holy shrine;
The cattle on a thousand hills
And all the forest beasts are Mine;
Each mountain bird to Me is known,
Whatever roams the field I own.

5. Behold, if I should hungry grow,
I would not tell My need to thee,
For all the world itself is Mine,
And all its wealth belong to Me;
Why should I aught of thee receive,
My thirst or hunger relieve?

6. Bring thou to God the gift of thanks,
And pay thy vows to God Most High;
Call ye upon My holy Name
In days when sore distress is nigh;
Deliverance I will send to thee,
And praise thou shalt give to Me.

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