Psalter 139


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1. The mighty God, the Lord,
Has spoken unto all;
From rising to the setting sun
The nations hear His call.

2. From Zion His abode,
Where perfect beauty dwells,
The Lord His glory has displayed
In brightness that excels.

3. Our God shall surely come,
Nor silence shall He keep;
Devouring fire shall herald Him,
About Him storms shall sweep.

4. Then to the heav’ns above
He from His throne shall call,
The earth His kingly voice shall hear,
He is the Judge of all.

5. Let all My chosen saints
Before Me gathered be,
Those that by sacrifice have sealed
Their promise unto Me.

6. Then shall the heavens declare
His righteousness abroad,
Because the Lord Himself is Judge,
Yea, none is Judge but God.

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