Psalter 146


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1. Fools in their heart have said,
There is no God of might;
Corrupt are they and base their deeds,
In evil they delight.

2. God looked from heav’n above
On all the human race,
To see if any understood,
If any sought His face.

3. They all are gone aside,
Corruption doth abound;
There is not one that doeth good,
Not even one is found.

4. These men of evil deeds,
Will they no knowledge gain,
Who feed upon my people’s woes,
And prayer to God disdain?

5. The day is drawing nigh
When they shall fear and quail,
For God shall scatter and destroy
Those who His saints assail.

6. Yea, God will put to shame
And make them flee away,
For He will cast them off in wrath
And fill them with dismay.

7. O would that Israel’s help
Were out of Zion come!
O would that God might early bring
His captive people home!

8. When God from distant lands
His exiled ones shall bring,
His people shall exultant be,
And gladly they shall sing.

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