Psalter 158


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1. O God, Thou hast rejected us,
And hast afflicted sore;
Thou hast been angry, but in grace
O once again restore.

2. Lo, Thou hast torn and rent our land,
Thy judgments dread appall;
O heal her shattered strength before
She totter to her fall.

3. Through ways of trial and distress
Thy people Thou hast led,
A bitter cup Thou givest us
Of misery and dread.

4. A glorious banner Thou hast giv’n
To those who fear Thy Name,
A banner to display abroad,
And thus the truth proclaim.

5. That Thy beloved may be saved
And from their foes set free,
Help with the might of Thy right hand,
In mercy answer me.

6. God in His holiness hath said:
I will triumphant be,
All heathen lands I claim as Mine,
And they shall bow to Me.

7. Now, therefore, who will lead us on
Sin’s strongholds to possess?
No longer cast us off, O God,
But give our hosts success.

8. Give Thou Thy help against the foe,
For help of man is vain;
Through God we shall do valiantly,
The victory He shall gain.

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