Psalter 161


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1. My soul in silence waits for God,
My Saviour He has proved;
He only is my rock and pow’r;
I never shall be moved.

2. My enemies my ruin seek,
They plot with fraud and guile;
Deceitful, they pretend to bless,
But inwardly revile.

3. My soul, in silence wait for God;
He is my help approved,
He only is my rock and tow’r,
And I shall not be moved.

4. My honor is secure with God,
My Saviour He is known;
My refuge and my rock of strength
Are found in God alone.

5. On Him, ye people, evermore
Rely with confidence;
Before Him pour ye out your heart,
For God is our defense.

6. For surely men are helpers vain,
The high and the abased;
Yea, lighter than a breath are they
When in the balance placed.

7. Trust not in harsh oppression’s power
Nor in unrighteous gain;
If wealth increase, yet on your gold
Ye set your hearts in vain.

8. For God has spoken o’er and o’er,
And unto me has shown.
That saving power and lasting strength
Belong to Him alone.

9. Yea, loving kindness evermore
Belongs to Thee, O Lord;
And Thou according to his work
Dost every man reward.

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