Psalter 180


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1. God saved His people from distress
And led them through the wilderness;
Then mountains trembled in their place,
The heav’ns were bowed before His face.

2. With copious show’rs Thou didst assuage
The thirsting of Thy heritage,
Thy congregation dwelt secure;
Thou, God, art gracious to the poor.

3. The Lord sent forth His mighty word,
And shouts of victory were heard;
The women came, a mighty throng,
To join the glad triumphant song.

4. When God His chosen people led,
The kings and armies turned and fled;
The hosts of God victorious fought,
And home their spoils and trophies brought.

5. God’s people rested, free from care,
In glorious peace and beauty fair;
Their mighty King did over throw
The hostile kings like driven snow.

6. All mountains unto God belong,
But Zion’s holy mountains strong
Above them all the Lord loves well,
An d there He will for ever dwell.

7. Great hosts to holy wars have trod,
The armies of the living God;
Among them He reveals His face,
The God of justice and of grace.

8. Thou hast ascended up on high
And captive led captivity;
They come with gifts, who did rebel,
That with them God the Lord might dwell.

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