Psalter 194


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1. His wide dominion shall extend
From sea to utmost sea,
And unto earth’s remotest bounds
His peaceful rule shall be.

2. The tribes that in the desert dwell
Shall bow before His throne;
His enemies shall be subdued,
And He shall rule alone.

3. The kings shall come from distant lands
And islands of the sea;
Oblations they shall bring to Him
And wait on bended knee.

4. Yea, all the kings shall bow to Him,
His rule all nations hail;
He will regard the poor man’s cry
When other helpers fail.

5. The poor and needy He shall spare,
And save their souls from fear;
He shall redeem them from all wrong,
Their life to Him is dear.

6. So they shall live, and bring to Him
Their gifts of finest gold;
For Him shall constant prayer be made,
His praise each day be told.

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