Psalter 198


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1. O God, be Thy Anointed son
With truth and righteousness endowed,
That justice may on earth be done,
The meek protected from the proud.

2. Then over mountainside and plain
Shall peace spring forth from righteousness;
The poor man’s cause will He maintain,
And save the weak, that none oppress.

3. Then shall Thy fear on earth be known
Long as the sun and moon shall shine;
While endless generations run
Kingdom and glory shall be Thine.

4. Like copious rain in time of dearth,
So shall His gracious coming be;
As gentle show’rs that cheer the earth,
So He shall bring prosperity.

5. The just shall flourish in His day,
And evermore shall peace extend;
From sea to sea shall be His sway,
And to the earth’s remotest end.

6. The desert lands to Him shall bow,
And all the islands of the sea,
And kings with gifts shall pay their vow,
His enemies shall bend the knee.

7. In great compassion for the weak
He ever will maintain their right,
Will help the poor and save the meek;
Their lives are precious in His sight.

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