Psalter 199


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1. His saints shall live, and to the King
Rich gifts in tribute shall be paid;
His praises men shall ever sing,
For Him shall endless prayer be made.

2. Abundant fields for harvest white
Already wave in ev’ry land,
And Zion’s citizens delight
And prosper in their King’s command.

3. His Name shall evermore abide,
In Him shall all the world be blest;
By all the nations far and wide
His praise shall ever be confessed.

4. Now blessed be the Mighty One,
Jehovah, God of Israel,
For He alone has wonders done,
And deeds in glory that excel.

5. And blessed be His glorious Name,
Long as the ages shall endure;
O’er all the earth extend His fame.
Amen, Amen, for evermore.

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