Psalter 228


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1. Lord God of Hosts, in mercy
My supplication hear;
Almighty and all faithful,
Our fathers’ God, give ear;
Our shield and great defender,
No longer hide Thy face,
But look upon Thy servant,
Anointed by Thy grace.

2. In Thy blest courts to worship,
My God, a single day
Is better than a thousand
While far from Thee I stray;
Though in a lowly station,
The service of my Lord
I choose above all pleasures
That sinful ways afford.

3. A sun and shield forever
I God, the Lord Most High;
To those who walk uprightly
No good will He deny;
His saints, His grace receiving,
Shall soon Hid glory see;
O Lord of Hosts, most blessed
Are they that trust in Thee.

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