Psalter 23


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1. The God Who sits enthroned on high
The foolish in their heart deny;
Not one does good; corrupt in thought,
Unrighteous works their hands have wrought.

2. From heav’n the Lord with searching eye
Looked down the sons of men to try,
To see of any understood
And sought for God, the only good.

3. From righteousness they all depart,
Corrupt are all, and vile in heart;
Yea, every man has evil done;
Not one does good, not even one.

4. Has knowledge with the wicked failed,
That they My people have assailed,
That they delight in works of shame,
And call not on Jehovah’s Name?

5. Thy lowly servant they despise,
Because he on the Lord relies;
But they shall tremble yet in fear,
For to the righteous God is near.

6. O that from Zion His abode
Salvation were on us bestowed!
When God His exiles shall restore,
They shall in song His grace adore.

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