Psalter 235


1. Lord, my petition heed,
Now help me in my need,
My Saviour be;
I am Thy servant, Lord,
My trust is in Thy word,
Mercy to me afford,
I cry to Thee.

2. Comfort Thy servant now,
While at Thy throne I bow,
For Thou art love.
Thy pard’ning grace is free;
Sinners who call on Thee
Thy tender mercy see,
O God above.

3. Lord, hear me while I pray,
While now in trouble’s day
I seek Thy face.
To answer, Lord, is Thine;
Thou only art divine,
Most bright Thy glories shine,
O God of grace.

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  1. A Sikkema says:

    “To answer, Lord, is Thine.” This caught my attention in the psalter. I don’t have to rely on my sinful self but can rely on God to come with an answer to this prayer. He is able. There is nothing to hard for Him. All things are possible with God. If only He will.

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