Psalter 248


1. The man who once has found abode
Within the secret place of God
Shall with Almighty God abide,
And in His shadow safely hide.

2. I of the Lord my God will say,
He is my refuge and my stay;
To Him for safety I will flee,
In Him my constant trust shall be.

3. The Lord with His protecting care
Shall keep thee from the hidden snare;
When fearful plagues around prevail
Thy life the scourge shall not assail.

4. Thou shalt beneath His wings abide,
And safe within His care confide;
His faithfulness shall ever be
A sure protection unto thee.

5. No nightly terrors shall alarm,
No deadly shaft by day shall harm,
Nor pestilence that walks by night,
Nor plagues that waste in noonday light.

6. At thy right hand, though thousands die,
No harm shall unto thee come nigh;
But thou secure, unharmed, shalt see
What wicked men’s reward shall be.

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