Psalter 260


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1. Jehovah reigns; let earth be glad
And all the isles their joy make known;
With clouds and darkness He is clad,
On truth and justice rests His throne.

2. Consuming fire destroys His foes,
Around the world His lightening blaze;
The trembling earth His presence knows,
The mountains melt before His gaze.

3. The heav’ns His righteousness proclaim,
Through earth His glory shines abroad;
From idol-worship turn with shame
And bow before the living God.

4. Thy Church rejoices to behold
Thy judgments in the earth, O Lord;
Thy glory to the world unfold,
Supreme o’er all be Thou adored.

5. All ye that truly love the Lord,
Hate sin, for He is just and pure;
To saints His help He will accord
And keep them in His love secure.

6. For good men light and joy are sown
To bless them in the harvest-time;
Ye saints, your joy in God make known
And ever praise His Name sublime.

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