Psalter 265


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1. Jehovah reigns in majesty;
Let all the nations quake.
He dwells between the cherubim;
Let earth’s foundations shake.
Supreme in Zion is the Lord,
Exalted gloriously;
Ye nations, praise His name with awe,
The Holy One is He.

2. The mighty King loves justice well,
And equity ordains;
He rules His people righteously
And faithfulness maintains.
O magnify the Lord our God,
Let Him exalted be;
In worship at His footstool bow,
The Holy One is He.

3. When priests and prophets called on God,
He their petitions heard;
His cloudy pillar led them on,
And they obeyed His word.
Though sending judgments for their sins,
He pardoned graciously;
Exalt the Lord and worship Him,
The Holy One is He.

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