Psalter 280


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1. O my soul, bless thou Jehovah,
All within me bless His name;
Bless Jehovah and forget not
All His mercies to proclaim.
He forgives all thy transgressions,
Heals thy sicknesses and pains;
He redeems thee from destruction,
And His love thy life sustains.

2. He with tender mercies crowns thee,
Satisfies thy full request,
So that like the tireless eagle
Thou with youth renewed art blessed.
Righteous is the Lord in judgment,
Unto all that are oppressed;
To His people He has ever
Made His goodness manifest.

3. Yea, the Lord is full of mercy
And compassion for distress,
Slow to anger and abundant
In His grace and tenderness.
He will not be angry alway,
Nor will He forever chide;
Though we oft have sinned against Him
Still His love and grace abide.

4. As the heavn’s are high above us,
Great His love to us has proved;
Far as east from west is distant,
He has all our sins removed.
As a father loves his children,
Feeling pity for their woes,
So the Lord to those who fear Him
Mercy and compassion shows.

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