Psalter 285


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1. My soul, bless the Lord! the Lord is most great;
With glory arrayed, majestic His state;
The light is His garment, the skies are His shade,
And over the water His courts He has laid.

2. He rides on the clouds, the wings of the storm,
The lightning and wind His mission perform;
The earth He has founded her station to keep,
And wrapped as a vesture about her the deep.

3. O’er mountain and plain the dark waters raged’
His voice they obeyed, the floods were assuaged;
Uplifting the mountains He ordered a bound,
Forbidding the waters to cover the ground.

4. He causes the springs of water to flow
In streams ‘mid the hills and valleys below;
Beside them with singing the birds greet the day,
And there the beasts gather their thirst to allay.

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