Psalter 297


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1. O praise the Lord, for He is good,
His mercies still endure;
Thus let His ransomed testify,
From all their foes secure,
He has redeemed His captive saints
From adversaries’ hands,
Has gathered them and brought them back
In peace from hostile lands.

2. They wandered in the wilderness,
By want and hunger pressed;
In trouble then they cried to God,
He saved their souls distressed,
He made the way before them plain,
Himself became their guide;
He brought them to a city strong
Wherein they might abide.

3. O praise the Lord, ye sons of men,
For all His goodness shown;
O praise Him for the wondrous works
To you He has made known.
The longing soul that turns to Him
He fully satisfies;
He fills with good each hung’ring one
That for His mercy cries.

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