Psalter 303


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1. The Lord unto His Christ hath said,
Sit Thou at My right hand
Until I make Thy enemies
Submit to Thy command.
A scepter prospered by the Lord
Thy mighty hand shall wield;
From Zion Thou shalt rule the world,
And all Thy foes shall yield.

2. Thy people will be gladly Thine
When Thou shalt come in might
Like dawning day, like hopeful youth,
With holy beauty bright.
A priesthood that shall never end
The Lord hath given Thee;
This He hath sworn, and evermore
Fulfilled His word shall be.

3. Thou shalt subdue the kings of earth
With God at Thy right hand;
The nations Thou shalt rule in might
And judge in every land.
The Christ, refreshed by living streams,
Shall neither faint nor fall,
And He shall be the glorious Head,
Exalted over all.

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