Psalter 308


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1. Not unto us, O Lord of heav’n,
But unto Thee be glory giv’n;
In love and truth Thou dost fulfill
The counsels of Thy sov’reign will;
Though nations fail Thy pow’r to own,
Yet Thou dost reign, and Thou alone.

2. The idol gods of heathen lands
Are but the work of human hands;
They cannot see, they cannot speak,
Their ears are deaf, their hands are weak;
Like them shall be all those who hold
To gods of silver and of gold.

3. Let Israel trust in God alone,
The Lord Whose grace and pow’r are known;
To Him your full allegiance yield,
And He will be your help and shield;
All those who fear Him God will bless,
His saints have proved His faithfulness.

4. All ye that fear Him and adore,
The Lord increase you more and more;
Both great and small who Him confess,
You and your children He will bless;
Yea, blest are ye of Him Who made
The heav’ns, and earth’s foundations laid.

5. The heav’ns are God’s since time began,
But He hath giv’n the earth to man;
The dead praise not the living God,
But we will sound His praise abroad,
Yea, we will ever bless His name;
Praise ye the Lord, His praise proclaim.

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