Psalter 317


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1. O praise the Lord, for He is good;
Let all in heav’n above
And all His saints on earth proclaim
His everlasting love.
In my distress I called on God;
In grace He answered me,
Removed my bonds, enlarged my place,
From trouble set me free.

2. The Lord with me, I will not fear
Though human might oppose;
The Lord my helper, I shall be
Triumphant o’er my foes.
No trust in men, or kings of men,
Can confidence afford,
But they are strong, and sure their trust,
Whose hope is in the Lord.

3. Though nations compass me about,
The swarming hosts of sin,
Yet in the Name of God the Lord
I shall the vict’ry win.
The Lord hath helped and kept me safe
When foes were fierce and strong;
The Lord my Saviour is become,
He is my strength and song.

4. Salvation’s joyful song is heard
Where’er the righteous dwell;
For them God’s hand is strong to save
And doeth all things well.
I shall not die, but live and tell
The wonders of the Lord;
He hath not giv’n my soul to death,
But chastened and restored.

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