Psalter 375


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1. Exalt the Lord, His praise proclaim;
All ye His servants, praise His Name,
Who in the Lord’s house ever stand
And humbly serve at His command.

2. The Lord is good, His praise proclaim;
Since it is pleasant, praise His Name,
His people for His own He takes
And His peculiar treasure makes.

3. I know the Lord is high in state,
Above all gods our Lord is great;
The Lord performs what He decrees,
In heav’n and earth, in depths and seas.

4. He makes the vapors to ascend
In clouds from earth’s remotest end;
The lightening flash at His command,
He holds the tempest in His hand.

5. Forever praise and bless His Name,
And in the Church His praise proclaim;
In Zion is His dwelling place;
Praise ye the Lord, show forth His grace.

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