Psalter 38


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1. Jehovah’s perfect law restores the soul again;
His testimonies sure gives wisdom unto men;
The precepts of the Lord are right,
And fill the heart with great delight.

2. The Lord’s commands are pure, they light and joy restore;
Jehovah’s fear is clean, enduring evermore;
His statutes, let the world confess,
Are wholly truth and righteousness.

3. They are to be desired above the finest gold;
Than honey from the comb more sweetness far they hold;
With warnings they Thy servant guard,
In keeping them is great reward.

4. His errors who can know? Cleanse me from hidden stain;
Keep me from willful sins, nor let them o’er me reign;
And then I upright shall appear
And be from great transgressions clear.

5. When Thou doesn’t search my life, may all my tho’ts within
And all the words I speak Thy full approval win.
O Lord, Thou art a rock to me,
And my Redeemer Thou shalt be.

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